We Are Akron's Premier Car Wash and Pet Wash Facility.

We want you as a long-term patron and our aim is to provide you a level of service that exceeds your expectations. If we succeed, please tell a friend or leave us an online review. If we fall short, please tell us and we will make it right!
Full-Service Pet Grooming in Akron.
Same Day Appointments Available.

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The Most Versatile Car Wash in Akron

We are the most versatile Akron Car Wash with the choice of Soft Touch, Touch Free and Self-Serve wash options under one roof. In our Touch Free and Self-Serve Bays, we offer the versatility of washing virtually any vehicle under 96 inches wide and 94 inches tall. Quick Clean can handle not only the family car but also standard trucks and vans, dually pickups, empty ladder rack pickups and vans, light duty tow trucks and even accessorized vehicles. Looking for a truly premium car wash experience for your standard manufacturer equipped vehicle? Visit Akron’s newest Soft Touch Automatic Wash bay where options like automatic wheel cleaning, ArmorAll Extreme Shine Wax, and Rain-X are available.